How does the Turnkey route work with Iconic Development Group?

In simple terms, a turnkey house is a finished home that is ready for you to move into.

To accomplish this, you’ll work with an integrated team of design and build experts at Iconic Development Group to develop the idea of what you wish to build and explicitly the way you want to live.

Once your basic requirements are met, sit back and enjoy as our highly experienced team will take care of the design, build process and project management to handle your build with zero risk, stress, pitfalls, no spiralling costs and no inconsiderate shocks.

This approach permits you to engage with us where we will take sole responsibility for delivering your build according to your specification.


What are the key benefits of a turnkey design and build?

Turnkey makes constructing your home easy and affordable. Many of us desire to build our own dwelling but find it difficult in terms of taking the time out to project manage a series of consultants, contractors and trades, which demand at least 40-50 hours a week.

Correlatively, the team here at Iconic Development Group will work alongside with you in all the decisions, especially all the fun fragments of designing and building your dream home, according to your taste, minus the stress.

This is a cost-certain, time-managed build approach where we embrace all the hard work but you being in control and the bonus is there are no muddy site visits (unless you wish to, of course! You are always welcome).


Does it limit your design options?

Iconic Development Group believes in the fact that everything in your home should be designed and optimised according to the living choices for you and your family. Evidently, we will create a home that’s absolutely personal to you, regardless of what level of service you select. Each project is bespoke to your lifestyle, environmental objectives and budget.

No matter what  your motivations for self-building – from living a luxurious life to making a perfect home for a large family or you’re retirees keen to create a home for life and relax in style – Iconic Development Group promises to offer you the opportunity to design and build your own house in the ultimate indulgence. This route not only enables you to decide what your perfect home will look externally but also gives you an opportunity to work around your living standards.

With our highest specification in Turnkey+ option, you will have options to handpick the exteriors and interiors, right down to decorating, landscaping, the kitchen and the bathroom fittings.


What’s included in a Turnkey+ house package at Iconic Development Group?

Turnkey permits for infinite design options, consequently your new home can have a traditional, contemporary or modern ambience. Now, this is all delivered through one point of contact with the in-house expert team of architectural technologists, engineers and project managers, here at Iconic Development Group.

A finished home, ready for you to move into, will usually include:

  • Concept design: developing your ideas and securing planning permission.
  • Full Building Regulations service: including drawings and obtaining consent for you.
  • Service connections: installation and all liaisons with the utility companies.
  • Foundations: full foundation design and installation (some suppliers do not provide this service).
  • Walls, flooring and roof: Iconic Development Group shape the shell of your home using a high performance, green and sustainable ICF (Insulated Concrete Form).
  • Insulation: Using our ICF build method we can achieve a U-Value of 0.24 which can go as low as 0.11.
  • Windows and doors: high-quality external windows and doors, factory glazed and painted  according to your choice of colours.
  • Roof finishes: whatever the design dictates, plus fascia, soffits and rainwater goods.
  • External cladding: bricks, stone, render, timber or whatever your design requires.
  • Heating and plumbing: heating systems incorporating renewable sources if required.
  • Electrics: first and second fix installation.
  • Internal carpentry: stairs, handrails, skirting and architraves.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms: as chosen by you (some suppliers may not provide this service).
  • Decoration: painting and decorating.
  • Landscaping: external hard landscaping.
  • Testing, commissioning and handover: full set of independent tests.

What Iconic Development Group believes in?

In layman’s words, Iconic Development Group believes and takes pride in delivering a full Turnkey+ house, fully finished product where you are involved in the whole journey and ready to cherish and admire your new home.