Structure Only

A basic structural package includes walls, floors, roof and other constructional elements of your home. This will be successfully delivered by our in-house team of architects, engineers and project managers.

From £895 per sqm

Shell Only

Additional to structure only, a shell package further includes components like windows, doors, roof finishes, external cladding & render. Our in-house team also offers a range of design, planning permission and Building Regulations services.

From £1,095 per sqm


Right from planning to moving in, this route will enable you not only to get full control of the design and specification of your new home but you will also be able to count on us with all intents and purposes to make it happen.

From £1,495 per sqm


Turnkey+ includes Turnkey package with further options to select Kitchen, Landscaping & *Foundations.(*Foundation costs can vary depending on the type of foundation as per the requirement on your individual plot.)

From £1895 per sqm